A short film with a pro-life message.

productionExplore the site to learn more about the project and be sure to like us on Facebook. We encourage you to read the many endorsements we have received for this film, and check back often as we provide production updates.

We are very excited to see this project completed, and each day is bringing new and exciting news. The First Do No Harm premiere in Greenville attracted over 1000 viewers. DVDs are on sale now in the store, and we are working hard to schedule screenings across the country. A great many people have already come alongside to lift this project up and give it legs, but it will take prayer and further financial support to see this film reach its full potential. Be sure to check back often, and spread the word about First Do No Harm.

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    First Do No Harm is a short dramatic film that follows elementary school janitor, Jesús Torres, as he is confronted with two strikingly similar ethical dilemmas.
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